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Mileage vundi ro (2x)
Ah punch lona powerful
Panja vundi ro
Veedo thuntarodu
Veedo mentalodu
Good-u bad-u lanti
Lekkalevi antanodu
Bengal tiger (2x)

He is the mass
He is the clas
He is a very very naughty tiger
Yeh yeh yeh
He is the...

Yeha manchi gunam lo buddhudu
Mass gunam lo rudhrudu
Okala yeppudu vundadu
Veedo type-u character
Geesina geethalo vundadu
Yevadikaina longadu
Sound-e leni chedugudu
Veedi mark-u signature
Anukuney lopu vasthadu
Veedu cheppey lopu chestadu
Thappulanni lekkalesthadu
Thappudolla thaata theesthadu
Veedo jaguar
Veedo jammer
Veedi bhaashaki ledhu
Ye grammar-o
Bengal tiger (2x)

Aha dhoosukupoye tempari
Dhee kottadamey vaikhari
Kandalu vadani podhapari
Telivitho kodathadu
Mind game ke veedu dictionary
Orpuga aade nerpari
Wi-fi lone voopiri
Theeyagala monagadu
Idea le yekkupedathadu
Yethulanni chithu chesthadu
Yekadaina yeppudaina
Veedu tana jandha
Yegara vesthadu
Come on antey chaalu dhumaralu
Repey dhimaakunna
Veedu dhikkulanni dhunnuthadu
Bengal tiger (2x)
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